“Proud of Anson Williams doing everything he can to stop millions of deaths due to Drowsy Driving”
– Ron Howard
“This is an amazing product, thank you! As a big rig driver our first responsibility is always to public safety. Drowsy driving presents a serious risk and we are trained to take action promptly if we feel tired. Even with plenty of sleep there are times when that drowsy feeling can creep in. Since discovering Alert Drops I always have two spray bottles in my go bag at all times and am astounded at how quickly and thoroughly it works. I use my Alert Drops at the first sign of drowsiness and it works like a charm, every time. I always make sure to get a full night’s rest and carry Alert Drops with me at all times to help keep me fresh and fully alert!”
– T. Dantona
(Professional Truck Driver)
Thank you for this- incredible!
– K. Cheshire
Carolyn Hennesy, multi talented Emmy winning actress, General Hospital, New York Times best selling author, animal activist and entrepreneur, tried ALERT DROPS for the first time on camera…WOW! Carolyn has joined us to save lives.
“My husband and I tried the drops last night. We were working around the house and just needed to get things done. 10 pm came and we were fading, so each of us used the Alert Drops. We worked until after 1 am. I know this is not what you designed them for, but this was our first use. We are giving our second unit to our son who works for the studios. You know the days those guys put in! We are traveling to Florida next week on business/pleasure and will be bringing our Alert Drops with us.
– Terry
“They really, REALLY work! SO tart & yummy- I used them just to get a head start on my work day and help myself wake up & focus on the day ahead, and also used them when driving home from my daughter’s house late at nite when I was tired after a long visit – I felt much, much better and I gave package to my son & daughter. So glad these are on the market”
– M. Ferran
“I worked a 15 hour shift a friend had bought me Alert Drops I was skeptical but thought what’s the harm in trying this and then bam I was wide awake and was able to drive home !!! It works it works I am sold!”
– J. Routheaux
“I tried this both when I was already awake and alert and then when I had to get up from a nap and drive somewhere. It works best when you need to wake up, and the concentration of tartness really does the trick. It’s tougher to carry lemons around. This is simple, so easy to use and it is natural. PLUS you will avoid drowsy driving which could result in catastrophic situations. In fact…when I tried this on July 12, this was the reason: I was feeling really drowsy so I lay down to nap No sooner had my eyes closed When I felt a light tap My teen needed a ride Although not very far I thought I’d better wake up Before I get in the car So I read the label And after one lemon squirt Through the power of sour The drops kept me alert! No harm just to try This Quick bitter blast It worked, it is natural And woke me up fast”
– K. Solow
“Alert Drops work. A great invention!! It will save a lot of lives. So many tragedies have hit families because of dozing off while driving!! This is Brilliant!!! I recommend it to Everyone!! It also helps you feel better knowing your loved ones have this & can use it when needed!! Thank you for getting this out to the public!”
– D. Bolden
“I got one other day and gave to my mom to use as well. It works perfectly. Keeps you up and awake. Thanks so much for this.”
– M. Lutton
“I love Alert Drops! They woke up me and all my co-workers too!”
– S. O’hara
“My husband took them to work with him on Saturday and they worked like a charm. He’s tried energy drinks but too much sugar and chemicals. Thanks for sharing this with the world.”
– S. Carpenter
“I purchased mine through Amazon and received them. The drops were put to the test last weekend when we went out of town for a long trip. Yes they do work!!!! Would highly recommend for anyone.”
– K. Rose
“I love my drops spray! I’m tired a lot because of anemia, so I very often drank 5hr energy shots at work, and those aren’t good for you. Now, with this, I just spray whenever I’m feeling tired and it gives me the boost I need.”
– D. Harper
“I’ve tried Alert Drops while driving and they work really well.”
– P. Ventura
“I finally got a chance to use them, they work great!!”
– D. Victor
“I suffer from a condition called Narcolepsy. It is a sleep disorder, in which one can fall asleep for a couple of minutes, then awake out of it. My Narcolepsy, I get attacks and can go out for hours! The attacks make me feel like I am drowning. I awake out of them feeling really tired. The Alert Drops upon using them over a period of 2 months have help considerably well. I carry them wherever I go in case I have a spell come on. I do take meds for this condition but have cut back due to the usefulness and results of this product. I only wish this product were around years ago. I can say truthfully and honestly this product works and also glad it is a natural product. Thank you for turning my attention to this wonderful product. ”
– S. Dunham
“What you have to know about this product is that it really is amazing but not just to keep you awake while you’re driving but other things too. My husband has brain cancer and he had surgery to remove the tumor and now is going through chemo and radiation which makes him very sleepy and tired. I brought this product in hopes that it will help him stay awake when he’s really drowsy because a lot of the medication he is on makes him drowsy and guess what it worked. He takes it every time he gets drowsy and he feel so much better knowing he can stay awake .. Alert Drops work!”
– M. Beyer
“We have used your alert drops driving and off label for just getting things done. We needed alittle extra enegry to finish a project in the wee hours of the morning and it worked great.. Got things done.. My son works for Disney and has early calls and sometimes little sleep, We gave him one and he reports that it makes all the differance in the world to drive safely to and from work. Thank you so much for replacing his Red Bulls with something natural and non addicting. I am sure you are a life saver to many.”
– T. Tulak
“I drive trucks for a living and tried this on your recommendation. Love it!”
– J. Neubert
“They are AMAZING!! I made a video with my husband Bob He’s been using them. He has a horrible long commute – gets up at 4:00 AM Got stuck in traffic the other day….FOUR HOURS in his car after a long day at work. He loves your drops!!!!!”
– Alison Arngrim
“Drove from Vegas to Tahoe overnight Sunday and used the drop spray. Worked great!”
– C. Landers
“I just received my Alert Drops today. I am going to order some for my daughter who is an RN and works 12hr graveyard shifts. The drops when applied to the tongue definitely wake you up!! Thank you Anson for this lifesaving gift for tired drivers”
– P. Sutter
Icons Tippi Hedren and Dee Wallace try Alert Drops for the first time and love them.
“I often work late into the night writing. Sometimes I just can’t sleep and toss and turn. Doctor thinks I have sleep apnea. Whatever the reason, in the morning I definitely do NOT want to wake up and get out of bed. I don’t want to take stimulants, caffeine, energy drinks or anything else that may affect my heart. So, I decided to order ALERT DROPS. They are the brainstorm of Dr. Heimlich, the creator of the Heimlich Maneuver. His nephew, Anson Williams (actor, director) brought them to the market. They are all natural, no chemicals, not addictive, lemon juice based. Just ONE SPRAY under my tongue gave me INSTANTANEOUS results. It was like a spark lit up in my brain and I was fully alert and awake. The company markets this for folks who may tend to drive drowsy. They want to save lives on the road and reduce driving related fatalities. I agree and see this as much more: for people with sleep disorders, sleep apnea. For folks who are exhausted at the end of the day but still want/need to get in a good workout at the gym. For busy moms and Mr. Moms who need energy to take care of the kids. For students who need to stay up to study–but should not be taking pharmaceuticals to do it. For the business person who needs to be alert and have good recall at meetings. This is for anyone who wants or needs to stay awake and stay alert but who does not want to have the addiction potential or side effects that caffeine, other stimulants or pharmaceuticals cause. It only takes one drop (spray) to feel the effects on contact. Spray once under your tongue and your brain will go WOW! Seriously. You will FEEL this work immediately. And the fact it is all natural is super cool!”
– S. Generis
“I used to take a lot of caffeine pills for alertness but they can be dangerous…Alert Drops work fantastic without any edgy feelings!”
– D. St. Laurent
“I drove 7 hours home after a very exhausting weekend with family for my brothers funeral. I used my alert drops about every 30 minutes for the last 2 hours of my drive. Anyone who knows me knows i have a horrible record of falling asleep driving. The drops worked for me. My daughter and her boyfriend drove in her car and i gave her a bottle too. She used it and said it kept her awake. My nephew drove from wiscousin back to Oregon after the funeral. I told him about the drops when we were in wiscousin. As it turned out on his way back home he drove within 40 miles of my place in iowa to pick up a friend to travel back with him. He called me to say he was having a hard time and asked if i could meet him and let him try the alert drops. I gladly met him for another chance to say good bye and give him a hug lol. He drove a total of 36 hours with limited sleep. Although we dont recommend this type of travel the alert drops worked for him too. Of course now i will be placing another order to replace my supply. Im not suggesting people use this in replace of a good nights sleep but for some of us that have difficulties staying awake while driving this really works. I dont know how but i just know it does. Thank you Anson for sharing this product and getting the word out there.”
– H. Teague
“I don’t drive a lot, but one spray, and sometimes another an hour later, keeps me alert when I have to be at work at 5:30 am. I used to drink 5hr energy shots and they’re bad for you. So glad I have this now”
– D. Harper
“I’m going get some for my family. You are a hero.”
– M. Lutton
“I bought your product and used it on our trip to Tennessee ..long drive but I was wide awake due to your fabulous product.. Thank you”
– D. Moitk
“I just had to try Alert Drops. They are great. Love that it contains natural ingredients. I will be a regular customer. THANK YOU!”
– P. Rinaldo
“For years, I have been drinking coffee as my go-to source of energy. However, the boost of energy can take a few minutes to come into effect. AlertDrops provides me with an immediate shot of energy and does so without the unpleasant side effects of caffeine.”
– Officer S. Neece, Greenville PD
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