Parent Magazine Recommends Alertdrops

Parent Magazine Recommends Alertdrops.

Hollywood’s Grueling Hours & Drowsy-Driving Problem: Crew Members Speak Out Despite Threat To Careers

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (9122558a) Los Angeles County firefighters inspect the remains of a burned vehicle which crashed into a tree and caught fire, killing all four people aboard, in the Northridge area of Los Angeles. Authorities say a second car was seen before the crash, and investigators are trying to determine whether they were racing before the accident Deadly Car Crash, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Oct 2017

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been four months since Riverdale actor KJ Apa crashed into a lamp post after a long day of shooting, giving rise to questions about long hours on movie and TV sets and the dangers of what is known as “drowsy driving.” Actors, actresses and crew members now are speaking on the record about the dangers of long hours and sleep deprivation and are asking the film and television industries to finally do something about it.

Falling Asleep At the Wheel: A Confession

It turns out that I have something in common with Anson Williams, who played Potsie Weber on the long-running 1970s television show “Happy Days.” No, not that we were both nerds in high school, he fictional and I actual.

Both Williams and I have fallen asleep while driving and narrowly averted a major crash. Nov. 5-12, 2017, is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, in which this little discussed but very dangerous phenomenon gets publicized. Just what happened to Williams and me, how common is it, and what can be done to prevent it?

Celebs Help Draw Attention to Drowsy Driving Dangers in Malibu

Longtime Malibu resident, actor and director Anson Williams had a wake-up call a number of years back. After a long day of working on the set of a movie, he fell asleep at the wheel while driving home. Following the experience, he consulted with his uncle, the late Dr. Henry Heimlich, about alternatives to caffeine and other stimulants for helping people stay awake while driving.

Saving lives means happy days for Anson Williams

Ron Howard and Anson Williams in the first Happy Days episode, 1974 (Photo: ABC)

As one of the most popular shows on television for a decade, “Happy Days” helped propel many of its cast into the production side of show business. Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Don Most, and Anson Williams all achieved recognition behind the camera as producers, directors, and/or writers.

Anson Williams Interview: “Happy Days” Star Talks Drowsy Driving Remedy, Cancer Scare and Erin Moran

Actor and director Anson Williams is known for his portrayal of Warren “Potsie” Weber on the ABC sitcom Happy Days (1974-1984) created by Garry Marshall and also starring Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley and Henry Winkler. He has directed many television programs such as Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire, 7th Heaven and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Had A Conversation With “Potsy” Anson Williams From Happy Days Talking Memories, Colon Cancer And Preventing Drowsy Driving

Anson Williams talked to me a little bit today about drowsey driving, his new passion, because it happened to him and it could have cost him his life.

EXCLUSIVE, ‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Has A New Passion, Alert Drops Is The Answer For The Epidemic Of ‘Drowsy Driving’

So, how is it a man who starred in one of television’s most iconic series (“Happy Days”) could be saving countless lives? Anson Williams is beloved and well-known around the world Potsie Weber, one of the cool teenagers who hung around the Cunningham home. The handsome and talented actor has a greater mission today, one that I told him recently affects me as well. How many of us are “drowsy driving?” Be honest, how many of us are running errands, running to meetings, working late, not getting proper rest and yet getting behind-the-wheel of a vehicle and hoping to get to our destination unharmed and praying we don’t also harm others?

Wellness Wednesday: Fight Drowsy Driving and jet lag with this simple ingredient

After a particularly grueling 15-hour workday, Anson Williams fell asleep behind the wheel. Within seconds of doing so, he’d veered off the road and was abruptly jarred awake by the rocking motions of his car.

Anson Williams on Beating Cancer — “It Was the Wake up Call I Needed”

In an exclusive interview with Closer WeeklyHappy Days star Anson Williams shares the story of how he beat cancer — and gained a new perspective on life.

‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams talks near-death experience: ‘I’m so lucky to be alive’

Anson Williams (center) poses with John Lennon and the rest of his "Happy Days" cast.

Anson Williams, best known as Potsie from the hit sitcom “Happy Days,” developed Alert Drops to help prevent tragedies on the road.

Australia Interview

Anson Williams Talks ‘Happy Days’ | Studio 10

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