Summer Road-Trip? Your Must Pack List is Here!

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Are you planning a summer road-trip this year? Make sure to pack these things to ensure a safe trip and happy travels.


These are an absolute must in any weather, and even more so on a summer road-trip. Make sure there is enough water to drink in the car till you get to your destination for everyone on board. There should also be something — crackers, chocolates, candies, energy bars, fruit, etc — to munch on the go or to keep you fed if you cannot reach or stop at a suitable eatery when you are hungry. It’s not a good idea to drive with hunger pangs. Apart from being uncomfortable, it means that you are probably low on energy, which is a far from the ideal situation in terms of alertness.


Keeping a bottle of all-natural alertness spray in your car or bag during your road-trip could mean the difference between a life or death situation and a safe & fun trip. Although it is always a good idea to have this spray handy, while on long road trips it becomes doubly so. Assuring that you can stay alert enough to make it to a point of safety is peace of mind that can’t be beaten.


Sunglasses are a must for any driver, but all parties involved should take care to have their eyes protected. During a road-trip, the glare from the asphalt of the road, the water of a nearby lake or ocean, or simply the window glare can all cause damage to the eye that might not be immediately obvious. Additionally, will probably be stopping for refreshments, to stretch your legs, or take in the view during the drive. Stepping out into the sun is much more bearable with the head covered than without it. An umbrella isn’t a bad idea either- it may simply provide some cover from the hot sun or if traveling to a famously humid area, provide shelter from a mid-summer downpour.


With dark window glasses and sun film banned by the Supreme Court, whoever is sitting on the sunny side of a car will have the sun beating down on him. So a good quality sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher, could protect against unwanted tanning or a burn.


Do not depend only on the navigation on your phone or car to get you to your destination. It is a good idea to have a paper map of the area you are traveling through and to in the car- just in case. If you are an AAA (Automobile Association of America) member, paper maps and tour books are provided to you free of charge. They also come in handy for a quick workaround if you hit traffic on the interstate or highway!

Toliet Paper & Paper Towels

You may not want to talk about it, but it does happen. You’re out in the middle of nowhere and those road snacks or fast-food starts barking. Having a roll of TP around can be a real lifesaver. Just the same, a roll of paper towel can dust off muddy boots, wipe of those stuck on bugs from your windshield, or simply clean up a spill that is bound to happen.


It’s not as if everyone wants to keep talking all the time on a road-trip. People, especially children, traveling on the rear seat would tend to doze off periodically. It’s risky if the front passenger sleeps off too, but even if awake there might be quiet from time to time. That’s when a fast track helps a great deal. By keeping your attention levels up, it helps you stay wide awake when you’re at the wheel, as driving on long straight stretches at steady speeds has a sort of hypnotic effect and tends to induce sleep.


There’s not a lot most people can do to a modern car if it breaks down. But it still makes sense to carry a few things on your road-trip, even if you don’t know how to use them. Changing a tire is possible, so have the wheel wrench and jack. A tubeless tire repair kit may not always be available in remote places, so carry it. Carry a foot pump as well. Tubeless tires can go some distance even with a puncture if you keep inflating them. Carry a multi-tool. A towing cable and jump cables are good ideas too, as is a Swiss knife.


As your road-trip continues on, you will start accumulating stuff that needs to be thrown away — empty water bottles, wrappers, empty food packets, banana peels, and what have you. Carry a bag for the litter so that you can dispose them properly and not all over the countryside. There are enough plastic bottles and wrappers lying about in the most beautiful places already.

Source: The Telegraph India- “10+1 things you must carry on a road trip this summer”

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